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The Woodlands - 1 Bedroom Apartment


Hello, everybody, this is April from the woodlands and I wanted to give you a virtual tour of our units. With everything going on right now we want to make it as easy as possible because we are still renting and have availability. And I want everyone to be able to see what they're getting. This is our one bedroom unit I'm going to take you through now you can do self tours or FaceTime tours. So what you need to do is call the office and I can direct you through that it's simple and easy and everything can be done online as well. So no face to face and still keep our social distancing. And in our one bedroom unit, the living room is very spacious. We get lots of comments on how big our units are in how much closet space we have. We have our coat closet off of the living room. Our glass patio door is in every unit. You get a balcony or a garden walk up. full functioning kitchen comes with washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and then of course your refrigerator and stove. Going down the hallway here. So this again is our one bedroom. All of our units come with two linen closets. We get lots of comments on how much closet space we have. So you got two linen closets in the hallway. You got your bathroom and then look at this. This huge closet in the one bedroom. It literally goes from wall to wall. So lots and lots of closet space. And again, this video doesn't give it justice and how big this room is. So again, call the opposite for 198650620. My name is April, I would love to help set you up with a self tour or a FaceTime tour. It's easy, it's simple. In everything can be done online. So hopefully you enjoyed this. Give me a call. We have availability and we're definitely still moving forward and renting for what 986506 to zero. Thank you


The Woodlands - 2 Bedroom Apartment


Hi guys, it's April again I wanted to give you a quick tour of the two bedroom just like the one bedroom. It's got the nice big sized living room, full functioning kitchen, dishwasher garbage disposal washer and dryer in the unit. Same closet space, glass patio doors with a nice little area to sit out there and you can plant some flowers, storage space off of off of your porch and the utility closet.

Coming down the hallway, just like I said in the one bedroom unit. There's two linen closets as well you got one outside here and your hallway. And then you also got your closet in the bathroom. So lots of closet space again. But look at here in the master bedroom. Besides the fact that this master bedroom is huge. There's a huge walk in closet. You can't even tell how deep this closet is in this video. You could hang your clothes up in here and store boxes. And then you got your second bedroom which has a nice full size closet as well. So again, come out to the woodlands do a FaceTime tour, do a self tour apply online. It's so simple. Just call me at the office at 419-865-0620 you can email me as well go to the woodlands you can do everything online. And we're running specials if you move in in April, you can get your entire pro rate rent for April waived. So all you have to do is pay your security deposit. And that's it you wouldn't owe again. Tell me may 1, and then for March if you still wanted to move in in March because we do have availability. You could get a $300 Visa gift card since we're so close to the end of March so we're running great specials. So give me a call 41986506 to zero I would love to help you. Talk to you later and have a great day.